contents of Kakao Privacy Philosophy

Privacy Philosophy

Kakao’s number one priority is protecting user privacy.

The evolution of communication technology has drastically changed our daily lives. People candidly share personal information of their lives on the Internet, engage in private conversations, openly express their opinions and even make purchases or search information. Through this process, the service provider must involuntarily acquire various information about its users. Kakao has transcended the Korean market and is developing into a global mobile/web service company. With the growth of our business, we feel a stronger obligation to place the protection of users’ personal information, which is acquired during service use, as our number one priority. We at Kakao will never neglect our obligation to protect our users’ personal information, which is protected by law, as well as our users’ privacy-related information from third parties. We at Kakao pledge to uphold our obligation to provide information for public interest and protect freedom of expression, while adhering to the Constitution of the Republic of Korea which states that “the privacy of no citizen shall be infringed” and “the privacy of correspondence of no citizen shall be infringed.” Kakao will always bear the following principles in mind when operating our services.
  • Users first, always.

    Users are the true owners of all Kakao services, and it’s for our users most of all that we provide each service. Kakao sees privacy protection, a sensitive and important issue to our users, as our top priority. We will combine our technological capabilities and policies to provide the utmost privacy protection. Users’ right to information takes priority over everything else as various values of society reaches equilibrium.

  • Kakao will be transparent about all efforts to protect user privacy

    Kakao will disclose the types of personal information we collect from users, how the information is used, whom it is provided to, and when the information is discarded. We will also reveal the efforts we make to protect our users’ personal information and privacy. As part of our efforts, we will transparently disclose the status of any personal information that is provided to government organizations or posts by users that are being deleted. This is one of Kakao’s new efforts to promote users’ rights. We hope that the enhanced protection of users’ “right to know” will lead to critical discussions for a transparent Internet environment.

  • Kakao will proactively participate in critical discourse on privacy protection.

    In this evolving digital society, companies, including Kakao, and its users should each contemplate best practices and offer solutions to improve privacy policies in today’s digital sphere. Deep discussion and critical analysis is needed regarding personal information abuse, and the monitoring and control of communication channels. There are several elements of privacy that users themselves must protect; however, the company providing the service certainly holds its share of responsibility. Beyond making a profit a business must also take steps toward providing healthier and safer service ecosystem. Kakao believes that we can make great contributions if we communicate with users and always remember that users are our top priority. Kakao will continue to make various efforts so that users can gain greater understanding of their right of self-determination with personal information and exercise those rights. We will always do our best to maintain our users’ trust.