contents of Kakao Privacy Philosophy

Chief Privacy Officer

  • Chief Privacy Officer Kang Seong

    The fast-paced development of the Internet and mobile technology has brought drastic changes to our lives. Now we can search for information in seconds, and communicate in ways we could not have imagined before. Such innovative changes have made our daily lives more convenient and enriching but have also left our private information vulnerable.

    Here at Kakao, we make it our utmost priority to keep users’ personal information safe and secure, while respecting users’ rights to freedom of expression. In order to protect the privacy of our users, we will continue to employ all technical measures available, and keep updating our policies accordingly.

    Kakao has specifically devised a system to ensure a high level of security, and makes sure all employees abide by such standard. We undertake all necessary measures to prevent unauthorized access to the personal information, and constantly check to see if our service security level meets the required standard. In cases where it is required by law to provide our users’ personal information, we not only make sure all the process is made fair and secure, but also provide full disclosure of the provision of personal information to the public.

    Moreover, Kakao has formed a Privacy Policy Advisory Committee, consisted of external experts on privacy issues, to be provided with technical, legal advice in order to maintain the best privacy policy. We also conduct case studies on other corporations’ privacy policies, maintain knowledge of privacy legislation and regulations, and monitor systems development to further improve our policy.

    Kakao will continue to provide more innovative services, and most importantly, continue to put our users’ needs first at all times. We ask for your continued attention and support.

    Vice President, Chief Privacy OfficerKang Seong
  • Privacy Officer Cho Young Seok

    The online world connects us with few limits and enables free communication. However, cyber space can transform into a place of fear and reluctance if trust is broken between the user and the provider.
    The cyber censorship controversy Kakao underwent last year was an awakening experience that helped us to realize that retaining users’ trust depends on the company taking the social responsibility to protect their users’ privacy.

    All Kakao employees were once again deeply reminded that users, not the company, have ownership of their personal information. We have pledged to closely monitor our services, from inside and out, and actively make improvements to protect our users’ privacy. We will also protect our users’ rights to have their information safeguarded and not disclosed without approval, and to enable users to control their information easily. Kakao will also transparently disclose any use of our users’ information and take necessary actions to prevent our users from losing trust in us, because trust is the foundation of every online business.

    Privacy OfficerCho Young Seok
  • Management Structure

    Kakao organized the management team below in order to make the soundest decisions on protecting user privacy.

    CEO Privacy - TF

    Handles privacy related issues

    Privacy Policy Advisory Committee Personal Information Protection Committee

    Holds the highest decision-making power regarding privacy issues. Members: CISO, CSO, CLO and Chief of Public Affairs

    Security Policy Division

    Sets related policies and operates personal information management systems

    Security Technology Division

    Develops and manages security architecture and controls technical threats